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Learning the Bible with Martin Luther - Workbook (B/W)
Learning the Bible with Martin Luther - Workbook (B/W)

Learning the Bible with Martin Luther - Workbook (B/W)

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Learning the Bible with Martin Luther is your guide to the Bible and Christian doctrine in a topical way. It uses the timeless and sound doctrine of Luther's Small Catechism to educate, strengthen and nurture young and old as well as new and seasoned Christians in their faith.


**This workbook uses the 1991 edition of Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation published by Concordia Publishing House.**


What do you get with Learning the Bible with Martin Luther?

 •81 Lessons and 11 section reviews teaching the six chief parts of the Small Catechism, Christian Living, Evolution, Election, Desertion, and more.

•Memorization strategically selected to emphasize and help you remember key concepts of Biblical doctrine.

•Free online lectures at www.LearningtheBiblewithMartinLuther.com to give you a different way to learn and understand the material.

•One workbook to teach adult instruction AND confirmation class.

•Beautiful illustrations to help visual learners understand and retain the material.

•Instruction based on topic instead of by page number in the Catechism.

•A workbook useful for classroom, distance learning, or independent study.

•A glossary explaining many words including those unique to both Christendom and the Lutheran Church.


What do you get with the Facilitator’s edition?

•All of the answers for the workbook including where the answers can be found.

•Lecture notes for every lesson to help you teach the material.

•10 Exams including a confirmation final exam to test and demonstrate the learning of the students. Plus answer keys for each exam.


Review by Pastor Kevin Wenker (LCMS):

In my 41 years as a parish pastor, I have had the opportunity to review many books and workbooks on Bible studies, Confirmation, the Small Catechism and the like. ...

Learning the Bible with Martin Luther contains lessons which are appropriate in length and understanding for the average confirmand. It has tests, practical examples, and illustrations. And, above all, it is absolutely faithful to Scripture, Lutheran doctrine, and the Confessions. It presents topics and lessons on stewardship and Christian service and life beyond Confirmation in addition to the chief parts of the Catechism.

I wish I had had this Workbook when I first started teaching Confirmation many years ago. I also wish I had this when leading adult member classes or reviews of the Small Catechism in Bible Class in Sunday morning Adult Bible Class. Why? Because this Workbook works for all age groups. The Workbook does not shy away from difficult applications, but addresses them faithfully in a way that is understandable for teens and adults. What a great resource this is for either a pastor or a lay person. The teacher’s guide is especially valuable. I will be using this Workbook with teens and adults, and it has been very well received by both.

Peter Kucenski’s Workbook on Luther’s Small Catechism has my highest recommendation.

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