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Facebook Demons Bible Study Download

Bible Study - Demons-1697077887517.zip (289 KB)

Download Includes:

  1. General leader instructions for leading Bible studies (PDF)
  2. Specific leader guide and answer key (PDF)
  3. Participant worksheet (PDF) 

Participant worksheet preview:


Bible Study description:

Satan and demons are just a myth that makes a good movie villain... or are they? What does the Bible say about these creatures and their effects on our lives today?

Length: Approximately 2-3 hours in a group setting

Study Goals:

  • Identify how the world understands the presence of demons (i.e., supernatural evil)
  • Identify the participants’ current perspective on demons and the effect they have today
  • Help participants identify the names and types of some of the demons
  • Compare biblical descriptions of Satan and demons to the world’s depiction of them
  • Help participants recognize demonic attacks, demonic possession, and the power of demons
  • Help participants understand the purpose behind demonic attacks
  • Establish Biblical principles for dealing with demonic possession